• How can I sign up to be a volunteer?
      • We accept volunteers at our sites in Mexico, Haiti and Phoenix, AZ and also need volunteers for other projects, many of which can be completed from the comfort of your home at your laptop!
    • Who can volunteer with NWB?
      • We welcome volunteers from a variety of backgrounds including naturopathic, allopathic, nursing, midwifery, acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathic and more! Even without a medical background, we still invite you to reach out. We often need people to help us stay organized, write thank you notes, help with legal questions and documents, help with our website and social media, fundraise, improve our marketing and more. If you have a skillset you would like to offer, please email our volunteer coordinator at: volunteer@nwb.ngo for more information.
    • What does it cost to volunteer with NWB?
      • In a nutshell:
        • $700 + airfare for Haiti
        • $75-135 + food for Rocky Point, depending on 1 or 2-day clinic weekends and your accommodation choice
        • No fee for PACH
    • I have specific questions about volunteering with NWB. How can I learn more?
    • When does NWB accept volunteers?
      • We have specific dates set for our Mexico clinics. Generally trips leave from the SCNM campus in Tempe, AZ on Friday evening to drive 4 hours to Puerto peñasco. Clinic is all day Saturday and volunteers drive back to Tempe on Sunday, sometimes after some beach time! We try to have 2-3 trips a year where we run two clinic days back to back. Email nwb.rp.tripcoordinators@gmail.com for more information.
      • For Haiti, we do not have set volunteer dates though we do require a minimum volunteer time of one week though two or more weeks is ideal, since it can take a few days to get settled in to the rhythm of things. However, we work with volunteers to find a time that is mutually beneficial for the volunteer and for NWB. We request a minimum of three volunteers for the same week in order for us to open up a trip week. We offer a reduced program fee for each week you volunteer with NWB. See our volunteer guide for more information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p1G_zmxDkmB7wE52c_vFUgIL0nUOgencVHUviJnYlSI/edit and email our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@nwb.ngo
    • What if I don’t speak a language other than English?
      • No problem! Although it is helpful to speak Spanish while in Mexico and Phoenix and Haitian Creole (and to a lesser extent French) while in Haiti, we welcome volunteers who do not have conversational skills in any of these languages. We work extensively with highly-trained interpreters and will work with you before your trip to determine if you will need one. However, knowing even a few words in greeting can go a long way in gaining patient rapport in the clinic. Many volunteers have had great success with the Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone language methods. There are also several apps to learn and language or to use to translate written and spoken language as well.
    • Do you have any books or documentaries you recommend so I can learn more about global health and volunteering?
      • Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder
    • Do I need vaccines to volunteer with NWB?
      • NWB does not require any vaccinations to volunteer with us though there are recommended vaccinations when traveling to Mexico and Haiti. Please consult with your personal physician and visit www.cdc.gov/travel to make the best decisions for you.
    • How is NWB funded?
      • NWB is funded through private donations, volunteer fees, fundraising efforts and grants.
    • Is NWB interested in working in X, Y, Z location or with X, Y, Z organization?
      • We are always open to learning about new opportunities for NWB and are interested in forming connections with like-minded individuals and organizations to make the world a better place. We strive not to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel whenever possible so collaborative efforts with members of a local community are ideal. Send us an email at drsean@nwb.ngo to tell us about your idea.
    • Is NWB affiliated with Doctors Without Borders?
      • No, NWB is a completely separate organization with our own mission and vision. We respect the incredible work done by DWB immensely but we are not related.
    • Where can I learn more about fundraising for NWB?
      • We would love to help you set up a fundraiser to benefit NWB in your community. Please email drsarah@nwb.ngo for more information.
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